Time to Move On...

Hi there! Long time, no speak! How’s it going?

Well… this has probably been one of the hardest blog posts I have written since opening my photography business, about 7 years ago. (And that is saying something, when I’ve been too busy to write anything at all, for over a year!!)

Over the last 7 years, I have met, and worked with, some really wonderful people. I have been very lucky. I honestly can’t remember a difficult client. OK… now I think about it, maybe 1… or 2… but they were VERY rare. I have been VERY lucky to have had a huge sea of wonderful, ridiculously-photogenic folks honour me with the chance to document their lives, babies and businesses.

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I’ve enjoyed 7 very interesting years. The commercial side of the business has taken me to all sorts of unusual places…from high bucket cranes to shoot panoramas of the Fraser Valley, to donning a hard hat and climbing into the depths of never-usually-seen spillway tunnels at Ruskin Dam. I’ve shot body-painted models at Vancouver interior design shows, tree-planting volunteers in Stanley Park, narrowly avoided a soaking at Abbotsford Rec Centre Summer Camps, and rocked out with Bobs and Lolo (and a few thousand kids!) at the Healthy Family Expo. No two jobs have been the same!

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I’ve also enjoyed 7 years of wonderful baby cuddles. Hours of chatting with some of the loveliest new parents, while we wait for their precious bundle to give way to the milk coma. Years of shushing and swaying, and cooing, and ahhing. These tiny people have taught me so much. Most notably, patience and perspective.

So… why this long-winded gush about past clients? Well, I have decided, for many varied reasons, that it is now the time to move on. I am closing my photography business. I have just delivered the final images to my final client, and whilst my official “last day” will actually be on Friday, I have already packed up my studio space, re-purposed my blankets and found homes for many of my props. New adventures are calling my name.

And so, I just wanted to drop a blog post to say farewell and a final few thank yous…

First of all, thank you to the wonderful fellow “togs” I have had the pleasure of working with, many of whom I have learned so much from. If I try and name you all, I know I’m going to forget someone and cause offence… so I just say thank you!!

Photo courtesy of the fabulous  Pam Dykstra Photography

Photo courtesy of the fabulous Pam Dykstra Photography

Thank you to my wonderful, supportive family. My wonderful Mum and In-Laws for their fabulous prop work. My surprisingly tolerant kids for their posing skills. And most of all, my wonderful, mega-supportive husband - the guy who built my studio, “macgyvered” more remedies than I can remember, drove with me to (and assisted at!) many events (particularly those scary Vancouver ones!), and so so many other things that he has helped me with, in my business, over the years.

And finally, thank you to you… my wonderful clients. Without you, I wouldn’t have been able to keep doing this for 7 years and I wouldn’t have been able to put food on my table. Thank you!

And so… this is it. I bid you adieu… and enjoy your photos (make sure you back them up… and double back them up… and print them!!!). Oh yes… and make sure you take plenty of photos yourself over the years - especially with you in. Moms, Dads… get in the photo! Your kids don’t care if you are having a bad hair day. They don’t care if you are 5lbs over your ideal weight. They don’t see that. They see that you were there, and they love you, exactly as you are. Photos are for their archives… their memory sharing. The worst photo is the one not taken.

M xxx